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Due to the pandemic, we've had to cancel all indoor concerts. But we've started offering live jazz concerts in your yard! If you've been thirsting to see live music again, this may be the way for you. We are offering local "tours" in which jazz bands play a series of four or five short 45-60 minute concerts in residential yards in one day. It's affordable for households and it provides much-needed income fro working musicians who have had to forego live performances during the pandemic.

Public concerts in clubs, restaurants, parks, etc. are restricted under the DC, MD , and VA reopening guidelines. But private gatherings are allowed, and we're following and even exceeding the safety guidelines. Holding the concerts outside is obviously the only way to go.

We also require everyone, including the musicians, to wear masks and practice 6-foot social distancing. And we also keep the number of guests low because with larger crowds it's difficult to control social distancing.

Hosting a YardWork Concert is easy. All you have to do is select your preferred type of music below, jazz or acoustic (folk, blues, Americana), put up some seed money, and invite your guests. We take care of the rest. If you would like to consider hosting, you can contact Michael Philips for details at

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